SSTMap Solvation Structure and Thermodynamic Mapping

SSTMap Update - Release of version 1.1.0

We are pleased to anounce the release of SSTMap v1.1. This new version is base on python 3 with backward compatability with python 2.7. Now the version of python is not an issue but we recomnd the use of python 3 since future development will target this version of python.

In addition to adding support for python 3, SSTMap v1.1.0 incomporate some code optimizations and the ability to handle peridic boundary condition on non-orthorombic boxes.

As with previous releases we recoment to use conda for installation. If this is your first time installing SSTMap then use the following command to install the lates version of SSTmap: conda install sstmap -c omnia -c solvationtools.
If you already had SSTmap installed then use the following command to update to the latest version: conda update sstmap.